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A new sledging adventure

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Djeili, Erik, and I went sledging - zooming 8 km down the hill.


We drove to Urnerboden and boarded the Gondola up to the Fisetenpass. The view there - astonishing! And the sun on our faces - priceless.

We wandered around the Fisetengrad, taking the sights in for an hour or so. Then we sat down for an early packed lunch on one of the benches. Taking it soooo easy.

After a while, we set off on the sledges after all!

The first bit was a little steeper, and we were more careful. But actually, the whole sledge path is quite easy to do. Most part of the way is fairly relaxed, and you can just sledge on and enjoy the fantastic view. :)

As you can imagine, Djeili loved it!!! Just loooooovvvved it! She sprinted forward, trying to be always ahead of us. Sometimes we managed to beat her for a short while, though. ;)

Below are some videos from the sledging tour - I will surely be back with Djeili!

After 45 minutes, we were back at the gondola and our car. All very happy.

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