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The first International Lensbaby Photowalk!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Treasure hunting with a camera, a fun day out!

I have been a Lensbaby fan for ages and love their little quirky lenses that can turn an everyday scene into an arty shot. On Saturday, April 30th 2022, I joined their international photo walk.

What does this mean? Lots of Lensbaby fans all over the globe joined up or went on solo walks to tackle the treasure hunt, 10 tasks had been handed out, 10 items to find. 10 chances to be creative and to think outside the box.

Not so easy! I gathered my trusty team of Djeili, the dog, and Roman, the thinker, and we made plans of where to go and what to shoot. We were one of the Swiss representatives, walking in East Switzerland around the little town called Bad Ragaz, making it an 11 km hike in town, through a gorge, up the hill and through a vineyard.

Lensbaby lenses-wise, I took my all-time favourites in the order of appearance: Sol45, Trio28, Burnside35, and last but not least the Trio60. Thrown into the bag together with a 10 mm extension tube for macro shots.

The weather forecast was terrible, so we took an umbrella with us. Thankfully, the bit of rain cleared soon, and we had a great walk!

Here are the "chosen ones" from our walk, the 10 photos for the 10 categories:

A Self-Portrait or a Reflection of You


A Tiny World

Twist 60 in Composer Pro plus 10mm extension tube

Something Magical

Twist 60 in Composer Pro plus 10mm extension tube

A Sign of Peace


Free Spirit


Convergent Lines


A Happy Mistake


Something Joyful


A Hidden Detail


Something Ordinary made Extraordinary


There were much more pictures! I took around 370 images...

Here are some more that I loved, but did not use for the treasure hunt categories:

I hope you enjoyed my photowalk. Wish me luck with my submissions!


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