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Best of Blips 2021 - or: What I talk about, when I talk about blipping

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

What's a blip, you ask?

We "blippers" of Blipfoto are constantly on the hunt for the best "blip".

A blip is something like a moment of your life caught - something, that reflects your life and catches that brief, special snippet of YOU.

"Blipping" was kicked off by a guy named Joe Tree in October 2004 in Edinburgh, Scotland (see what Wikipedia has to say about Blipfoto). It is basically a photo journal that allows you to publish one photo per day - the BLIP - together with some blurb about what you have been up to or what you think about the world.

My first Blip ever is from the 24th of November 2006 - and I have never stopped blipping since then until today.

Looking at my statistics from today, June 6th, 2022, I have posted a whole lot of pictures and captured many, many memories, good and bad!

What do I gain by blipping?

By publishing a blip every day, I do not only preserve my memories and have something like an online diary that I can look back to whenever I need. Blipfoto has a super friendly community (and is btw. community-funded without advertisements!) keen on commenting on your daily lives. There are appreciations of the pictures posted, cheering up if you had a bad day, suggestions on picture improvements, exchange of information, and friendly banter.

I have formed some very good real-life friendships with fellow blippers, not only in Switzerland but also across several countries. I have learned how my photography can become better - and it did. And I had quite a lot of inspiration. Even when I do not have so much time anymore to comment on everybody else's journal, it is good to check in with Blip friends and to see what they have been up to.

And every year, I download my best blips and create a real photo book from them.

I have done this since 2017, and it is a really fun way to preserve my memories.

Wanna look at my best blips of 2021?

Scroll yourself through the sliders below by clicking on the arrows on the right and left side of the pictures or swipe yourself through them on your mobile phone. :)


January 2021

January brought lots of snow. Living in Weesen was very joyful with great hiking surroundings. I started a new job as Education & Clinical Support Manager in Zurich for KYON, which offers orthopaedic implants for dogs and also cats. My dog Djeili turned 7.

February 2021

In February, we had plenty of opportunities to enjoy the snow, with lots of sledding and snowshoeing. Djeili just loves snow!

March 2021

One of the highlights in March was a full-moon hike in the mountains, another one finding the skull of a stag. Spring started to announce itself and the first people started to take their rubber boats or rather giant rubber duckies onto the lake.

April 2021

Finally, hiking higher up was again possible, but still, lots of snow were left. My family came to visit and we went to see the Paxmal and the Bad RagARTz art fair, distributed throughout the whole town of Bad Ragaz.

May 2021

The most exciting day was surely when I was flying in a helicopter along the flank of the mountain Falknis, to take pictures of it (with the door open!). My friend Luzi had asked me to take these pictures, and it was the first time that I really learned to know his son, Roman, who turned out to be terribly nice. Also, I visited blip friends in the Engiadina.

June 2021

June meant swimming in the lake, canoeing, and paddleboarding together with Djeili! Also, for work I went to Cremona, Italy, to teach vet surgeons how to do hip replacements in dogs and cats. And by the end of June, Roman and I had fallen for each other...